Mr. Amol Sakharam Gosavi,
Pandharpur, Maharashtra.
Type of crop : Banana
Total field area : 1.5 acres
Mr. Amol Sakharam Gosavi was cultivating sugarcane crops in his 7-acre land near Pandharpur, Maharashtra since 2009. But even after spending 3 years per crop cycle along with ample of chemical fertilizers and stream water he was yielding very limited through the same.
Hence, he started cultivating 1800 plants of banana (G-9 type) in 1.5 acres of his land in November 2019. He started using Biofit N, P & K and Biofit SHET once in 25 days with a dose of 1 litre per acre of land. It helped him reduce his expense on the expenses and improved the organic elements in the soil. Amol also started spraying Biofit Wrap up once on his banana plants once in a month to prevent them from mildew and related diseases. He used Biofit Stimrich, Bio-99 and SHET four times during the growth stages of the plants with an interval of 15 to 20 days. He also used Biofit INTACT to make sure that the plants don’t attract parasites.
Biofit Banana Fruit Cultivation
  • Cost of production per 1 acre of land: Rs. 95,000
  • The average harvest per acre: 32 tones
  • The Selling Rate: Rs. 8,600 per tone (Rs. 2,75,000 per acre of land)
  • Net Profits per 1 acre: Rs. 1,80,000
  • The Soil Conditions: soft & improved
However, during the entire period of Banana cultivation, 200 of his trees unfortunately got damaged due to cyclonic rains. But each of the remaining trees got around 14 to 16 bunches of the fruit. On an average every bunch of Bananas that he reaped weighed around 40 to 45Kgs. His crop cycle was over by October 2020. In short, he reaped total 49 tones of fruit production from 1.5 acres of land. It helped him earn a total income of Rs. 4,21,000 as per the then market rate for Bananas.