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Bio-99 Concentrate

Rs. 749 | 250ml
Bio-99 is a non-ionic silicon-based spray additive. It works as a positive catalyst for all agricultural products and increases the effectiveness of pesticides and micronutrients. It helps to reduce cost on organic or chemical products used on your field.

  • Super spreader for soluble liquid and emulsifiable concentrate formulations.
  • Promotes and Improves spray coverage, effectiveness of pesticides/insecticides/fungicides and reduces amount of dosage per usage.
  • Helps to reduce expenses on pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides.

When should Bio-99 Concentrated be used?
Bio-99 Concentrated should be used at the time of spraying any pesticides, insecticides, herbicides i.e. whenever you spray anything on your field you can use Bio-99 Concentrated to increase their effectiveness.

Can Bio-99 Concentrated be used on any crop?
Yes. Bio-99 Concentrated can be used with all pesticides, insecticides & herbicides used for any crop.

How to Use?
Add 5 ml of Bio-99 into 15 litres of spray solution of fungicides, pesticides, and micronutrients. Read directions given on label carefully for detailed usage instructions.

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