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Ways to Earn at Netsurf’s Direct Selling Businesss

The commissions and incentives at Netsurf can be earned at three different points of time. The commissions are calculated on the basis of the worth of product purchases called as Turnover. One can earn a cash retail commission that can be earned daily, plus there is a pay-out cycle of 15 days wherein a cheque is released by the company containing the lifetime and turnover commissions. Plus, other incentives, bonuses and other benefits can be earned in every phase of 4 months. Details are as mentioned below-

a. Retail Commission
It is a commission that can be earned every day by any Direct Seller at Netsurf Network by retailing the Netsurf products that are purchased at a certain discount. This discount percentage depends on the worth of his total product purchase. As he/she starts purchasing more products he starts earning higher discounts and simultaneously he starts achieving greater status at Netsurf’s business. Refer to the below slabs* for further details-


a. Lifetime Commission
A Master Direct Seller can earn 5% lifetime commission on every product purchase made by the Direct Sellers directly appointed by him/her. This commission can be earned in every Pay-out cycle of 15 days and it is counted as 5% of the total receipt value (of product purchases) made by the directly appointed Direct Sellers in that Pay-out cycle.

b. Turnover-based Commission
This is another commission that can be earned in every Pay-out Cycle if a Direct Seller has his own team in Netsurf Network. This commission ranges from 3% to 6% and is calculated on the basis of total business turnover made by a Direct Seller’s different teams (including his own business turnover).
Considering that a Direct Seller’s team grows into multiple teams, the Business Turnover will consider -
  • The minimum turnover of a team that made maximum turnover
  • Sum of rest of all the teams total turnover
The remaining turnover is carried forward to the next pay-out cycle.
The percentage of turnover-based commission is applicable as per the club level one master direct seller reaches by earning a certain cumulative commission at Netsurf Network.
Refer to the below table for club level wise details-


Example of Calculation of Turnover-based Commission: For example, Master Direct Seller A has made a self-repurchase of Rs. 20,000/- of his own in one pay-out cycle, and he has two teams namely, team of B & team of C under his network. If the turnover of team B is Rs. 1,00,000/- and turnover of team C is Rs. 2,00,000/- then how much is the turnover-based commission of Master Direct Seller A?

 Calculation of Turnover-based Commission

Step 1: Identify the maximum turnover making team= It is team of C.
Step 2: Sum up the turnovers of the rest of the teams i.e. Team of B & A’s self-repurcahse = Rs. 1,00,000 + Rs. 20,000= Rs. 1,20,000
Step 3: Identify the lowest amongst the sum in step 2 and the maximum turnover of team C= it is Rs. 1,20,000/-
Step 4: Add the same amount from maximum turnover of team of C to the sum in step 2= Rs. 1,20,000+ Rs. 1,20,000= Rs. 2,40,000/-
Step 5: Assuming that A earns 3% of the turnover-based commission, calculate 3% on the answer of Step 4= Rs. 2,40,000/- x 3%= Rs. 7,200/-
Hence, the turnover-based commission of Master Direct Seller A is Rs. 7,200/- for the particular payout cycle.
Step 6: The balance of Team of C’s turnover i.e. Rs. 80,000 (Rs. 2,00,000- Rs. 1,20,000/-= Rs. 80,000) shall be carried forward to the next pay-out cycle.

Lifetime Commission and Turnover-based Commission are applicable only to Master Direct Sellers and above.

Note: A Master Direct Seller can earn a maximum commission of Rs. 8,19,250/- in one pay-out cycle.
a. Periodic Incentives: Club Netsurf
Club Netsurf is a reward and recognition system which is an integral part of Periodic Incentives. It is a phase wise activity through which direct sellers get to travel across different domestic and International destinations; achievers can enjoy luxurious holidays and avail training sessions of Club Netsurf. There are more than 8 thoughtfully designed themes of Club Netsurf.

b. Netsurf’s Fast Track Training Incentive: 1000 days
Netsurf has a full fledge training program for those Direct Sellers who are seeking Direct Selling as a career option. It is a program of 1000 days training that one can obtain by achieving certain targets of turnover. This program, including one training session in every 2 months at 5 distinct levels, makes sure that the direct sellers are groomed well into the business and they learn to practice the best of the management skills to effectively manage & motivate their teams, market products and handle business affairs at all scales at Netsurf Network.

C. Phase Wise Best Performer Bonus (applicable to MCM)
Top 3 regions and their MCMs (Management Committee Members) are awarded a Performance Bonus in the form of gifts and cash incentives in every phase.

d. Family Protection Plan (FPP)
The direct sellers from Opps club and above club levels get covered under Netsurf’s FPP. The Family Protection Plan coverage includes Life Insurance, Accidental Insurance, Mediclaim and Nominee Facility, etc.
Note: FPP privileges may vary as per club level of direct seller.

All incentives, bonuses and FPP are applicable only to Master Direct Sellers and above.

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