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Netsurf’s business of Direct Selling

Netsurf’s Remuneration System is very transparent, easy to understand, easy to access & operate and gives every individual the freedom to choose his own style of working to make most of it. This System is targeted at the ‘Consumers’ as well as at the ‘Direct Sellers’ of Netsurf. The registration (enrolment at Netsurf Network) is for free in both the cases.

CONSUMERS are the individuals who buy Netsurf products from Netsurf’s Direct Sellers for self-consumption. Consumers register with Netsurf to avail discounts on product MRPs after their purchases reach a certain value slab. Also, every consumer has a choice to become ‘a Direct Seller’ and go beyond self-consumption; however, there is no compulsion to become one. Netsurf’s Remuneration System has outlined discounts based on the product MRPs. A consumer gets more discounts when he makes more product purchases as the discounts are directly proportionate to the value of purchases made. .

Kindly refer discount slabs in retail commission section.

DIRECT SELLERS are the individuals who want to explore Netsurf’s Direct Selling Business as their career. Direct Sellers can avail multiple income opportunities in the form of different Commissions, Incentives, Rewards and recognition. Details of the same are explained in the next section on ‘Ways to earn at Netsurf’s Direct Selling Business’.
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