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Biofit is a truly holistic range of products that promotes organic farming. It helps to control pests & diseases, to increase the agriculture output and to reduce the input cost without using armful chemical-based products in farming. It also provides the herbal and organic solutions to optimize the health of livestock.

Lacs of hectare agricultural land across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka has been benefitted by the use of Biofit products. All the products have shown promising results when used for variety of crops such as vegetables (leafy/fruit bearing/root, bulb or tuberous), fruits and nuts, oilseed crops, leguminous crops, and sugar crops.
Stim Rich

StimRich makes plant vigorous, healthy and productive at all growth stages.


S.H.E.T is a microbial fermentation product that helps to enhance plant growth & acts as a BIOPROTECTANT.

Bio-95 Concentrated

Bio-95 is a spray additive.

Wrap Up

Wrap Up is a plant defense booster that helps plants prevent recurring microbial attacks.


INTACT is a unique herbal formulation for effective control of sucking pests.

CFC Plus

CFC Plus is an advanced formula addressing Cattle, Horses, Poultry & Goats nutrition.


CFC is a food supplement for Cattle, Goats and Poultry.

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