An ingenious blend of essential
"Vitamins" & "exotic herbs".
Herbs & More is a premium herbal cosmetic range. These products are made of exclusive essential herbs that purify your skin naturally, vitamins that nourish and natural fruit extracts that gently bring back the radiance on your skin. Herbs & More products bring you the most caring, nourishing, gentle and result-oriented products that transform you into a new radiant, lovable you! They are all natural, herbal and safe on all types of skin.

Herbs & More brand shelters three different product ranges-
Vitamin Therapy
VITAMIN THERAPY, consisting 20 products, is a blend of herbs and essential vitamins for everyday skin, hair & body nourishment and care. They contain actual vitamins that are absorbed through your skin, when applied topically, delivering a healthy radiant & smooth skin.
Vitamin Therapy
VITAMIN THERAPY PROFESSIONAL range, consisting 7 products, is the perfect Salon Partner for the special professional grooming. These products are highly effective, result oriented and specially packaged for hygienic multiple usages.
These AYURVEDA products are based on the oldest surviving absolute science of wellbeing. These products incorporate extracts of Ayurvedic herbs which have certain characteristic properties in the healing of various disorders and skin related issues.
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