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Netsurf Network is one of the largest direct selling companies in India that has been pivotal in establishing cooperative selling concept in Indian market. Netsurf, at present, operates in a clean, transparent and legal way through its well spread network of more than 1 million Independent Distributors and more than 100 shoppees and Independent Distributors at strategic locations in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.

Netsurf Network’s product portfolio consists of organic farming, health & wellness and personal care products. In order to ensure quality of the products, Netsurf, with the help of its in-house Research and Development unit, manufactures all the products in a GMP certified manufacturing plants situated at Himachal Pradesh and Maharashtra. The quality of the products has also been approved by national agencies such as National Organic Certification Association (NOCA) and Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) laboratory. Netsurf has brought ‘Parivartan’ (Transformation) in lives of 1 million families by creating entrepreneurial opportunities & nurturing skills across the rural & urban India. Netsurf network believes in honoring and encouraging individuals and teams who contribute for the growth of the organization. With the joint efforts, Netsurf is setting new standards in the field of Network marketing in India.
Our Product Philosophy stands on three major pillars. These three pillars are the guiding principles for Product development and innovations.

Product Philosophy Pillars:

1.Consumer needs and demands
2.100% Natural and Herbal ingredients
3.Quality & affordability

1. Consumer needs and demands

We believe in developing a product solution for day-to-day problems faced by our consumers than making products in isolation. So, every single consumer who is buying our product is not merely buying the product but is actually buying a delightfully assured solution to his problem. Whenever consumer is buying Naturamore, he is not buying health care product but he is actually buying Good health, when a consumer is buying Herbs & More he is not buying personal care product but he is buying hope to look beautiful and similarly when a farmer is buying Bio-fit, he is not buying crop care product but he is buying assurance for better yield without harming the farm.

While developing any new product, We logically try to answer the two basic questions

1. Is there any need for this product?
2.Does it address problem of our consumers?

2. 100% Natural and Herbal products
We value the nature’s best available sources, the medicinal herbs. Also we upkeep with the cutting edge advanced technology of science. So, by conjunction of the elements of medicinal herbs and cutting edge technologies and our in-house research, we provide 100% organic, natural ingredients based and result oriented green products across the ranges of personal care, health & wellness and organic farming.

3. Quality & Affordability
We take highest efforts to choose the ingredients in their purest form and create a formulation that builds a harmony with your body and with the nature. Netsurf has a well equipped Laboratory as well as captive GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified plants. Our products are approved various government agencies and authorities like FDA for health care products; Department of Ayurveda approval for Personal Care products; and Natural Organic Certification Association (NOCA), APIDA, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) and Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth for Organic Farming products.

Consumers often correlate good products with premium pricing. But Netsurf offers products meeting highest levels of quality at affordable prices. It gives us the satisfaction of providing best possible solutions and definitely adds to consumer delight.
Product Development Process

Problem Identification : Identify the problems being faced by consumer through market research techniques.

Market Analysis: Identify the availability of products addressing this problem and the problem solving capacity of these products.

SWOT & GAP Analysis: Our research team studies the key result areas, problem solving capacity and side effects or any other issue (if any) associated with the existing products. They also recognize the need and expectations from new products.

Research & Development, Product Conceptualization: Our research team conceptualizes a product that should directly address the expected key result areas and should not result into any kind of side effects.

Product Formulation & Stability Study: 100% herbal ingredients are being chosen for the formulation of product and stability studies are done in order to understand usability period for each batch.

LAB Trials & Product Sampling: To measure effectiveness of product, LAB Trials and product sampling is done.

Scientific Data Analysis of lab trials & product sampling data: Based on the feedback from product sampling and lab trials, amendments are made (if any) and actual production takes place.

Product Positioning, Segmentation & Packaging:

Product Certification & Legal documentation (Trademark, patenting):

Actual Floor Manufacturing: Final manufacturing is carried out in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified plants to ensure quality.

Clinical Trials:

Product Life Cycle: With the help of product testimonies and ongoing interaction with actual consumers we keep on working for the betterment of product.
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