Intact   |   Rs. 850 - 200ml
What is Biofit INTACT?
INTACT is a unique herbal formulation for effective control of sucking pests. It is a product by Govt. approved DSIR Lab. INTACT is a potent combination of Indo-German formula made of herbal extracts, medicinal plant species such as Shahteera, Centella and Adhitora.

How to Use
Add 2 ml of INTACT into 1 liters of water and spray weekly during early morning or late evening hours. Ensure that the underside of the leaves is also sprayed upon.

  • INTACT has a unique ovicidal, repellant and insect growth retardant action,which inhibits the incidence, feeding and multiplication of sucking pests.
  • INTACT also reduces the sucking pest's population and further crop damages.
  • Ecofriendly, economic and effective solution for sucking pest control.

Can INTACT be used on any crop?
Yes , INTACT is suitable for all types of crops.