Joint Care   |   Rs. 450 - 30 Capsules
Naturamore Joint Care is a herbal & vegetarian nutraceutical for optimum Joint health.

Helps In
  • Reducing joint pain
  • Faster recovery from joint disorders

Benefits of key ingredients
  • Guggul & Shallaki: Provides nourishment to joints by optimizing synovial fluids and cartilages. Also works as anti-arthritic agent.
  • Rasna: Anti-inflammatory and pain killer.
  • Piperine: It increases bioavailability of other ingredients and is digestive and potent pain killer.
  • Hadjod: It accelerates bone healing; increases bone mineral density.

Way to consume
1 capsule in the morning & 1 in the evening, 1 hour before meals.

Who can consume Joint Care?
People with Joint disorders like
  • Pain I Inflammation I Swelling I Redness
  • Restrictions on movements I Stiffness