StimRich   |   Rs. 1695 - 1Ltr
StimRich makes plant vigorous, healthy and productive at all growth stages. It is easily diluted in the water. It helps to increase yield if used as directed.

How to Use
15 ml of StimRich into 15 litres of water.

How does Stim Rich Act?
When sprayed on leaves, it is readily absorbed and transmitted to other parts of the plant. The proteins are in the form of simple amino acids which can easily be utilized by the plants. StimRich improves the physiology of the plant and it has tonic and growth promoter effect.

  • When sprayed after stress conditions, it expedites the recovery of treated roots.
  • Rich roots are developed as StimRich makes nutrients available for roots.
  • It prevents crops from diseases during its essential stages like germination, flowering, fruiting, maturity and harvest.
  • Helps leaves to expand as a result of cell enlargement that in turn results in more photosynthesis.
  • It helps to reduce flower drop and fruit drop through controlled abscission.
  • It has synergetic effects with plant growth regulators (Gibberellic Acid and Auxins).

Can Stim Rich be used on any crop?
Yes , it can be used with all types of crops.

When to Use Stim Rich?
StimRich is essential at all stages of the crops and can be used.
  • When stress occurs due to heat or water.
  • During important growth stages of crop.
  • To reduce flower drop and fruit drop.
  • With other products for synergetic effects.
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