Nutri Liver   |   Rs. 495 - 30 Capsules
Naturamore Nutri Liver is an herbal and vegetarian dietary supplement which is hepatoprotective in action and is recommended for liver related ailments.

Benefits of key ingredients
  • Milk Thistle Extract It helps in protecting liver from adverse effects of unwanted toxins like alcohol, toxins from polluted environment. It also helps in regeneration of cells.
  • Kutki Kutki is a powerful liver healing agent. It is well known for supporting liver functions and for normalizing liver enzymes. It also helps to cool the body and boosts the immune system.
  • Kalmegh It exhibits hepatoprotective and hepatostimulative properties. It is given for the treatment of jaundice.
  • Bhuiamla It helps to rejuvenate liver cells and promotes liver functions. It helps to improve the activities of plasma lecithin, which helps to reduce fat accumulation in liver.
  • Kasni It helps in the healthy functioning of liver and secretion of bile.
  • Punarnava This herb reconditions the liver and is beneficial in treating liver disorders such as hepatitis, jaundice, iron deficiency anaemia, anorexia and sluggish liver etc.
  • Chirayita It is highly valued as tonic for liver health, debility, convalescence and also helps to detoxify liver.
  • Kakmachi It works as a proven hepatoprotective agent in case of toxicity induced by drugs & chemicals and also in liver cirrhosis.
  • Lecithin Lecithin helps to reduce or prevent cirrhosis of the liver by helping to soften the hardened liver tissues.

Way to consume
2 capsules per day with milk or water. We recommend consuming 1 capsule in the morning & 1 in the evening for better results. Naturamore (Vanilla Flavour) is recommended for every day consumption to balance nutritional deficiencies in the food intake.