Hair Serum   |   Rs. 650 - 100ml
Organic Pea Sprout Extract
Prolongs the life cycle of hair & Restores the vitality of hair.

Potent Basil Hairy Root Extract
Prevents hair loss & makes hair look fuller.

Coconut Oil
Prevents breakage and moisturizes. It is rich in nutrients & also contains antibacterial properties.

Sunflower Seed Oil
Stimulates natural hair growth; good hair conditioner; acts as a moisturizer for hair and possesses easily absorbable properties.

Vitamin A
Prevents hair from drying out and breaking

Vitamin B5
Increases hair volume

Say goodbye to hair fall and hair fizziness! New Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Hair Serum nourishes your hair conveniently and makes it look fuller, vital & denser every day. It prolongs the life cycle of hair and controls hair fall.
This non-sticky & light on scalp formulation is enriched with exclusive herbs like Organic Pea Sprout Extract, Potent Basil Hairy Root Extract, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamin A & B5. Apply it every day, while moving out, on your damp or dry hair and get the perfect hair every time!

  • Deeply nourishes hair without leaving stickiness.
  • Helps to control hormonal baldness.
  • Helps to reduce hair fall.
  • Helps to make hair manageable.
  • Can be applied after hair wash or on dry hair.