There is no need to tax your skin for the sake of your synthetic, lead-filled makeup products! Netsurf is launching an innovative makeup product range that is safe for the skin as it’s made with all-natural ingredients. Let’s take care of our skin without compromising on the perfect look for every occasion!

Rang Dé represents Exotically Indian colour shades for makeup to embrace your eternal beauty. Rang Dé strives to bring out the best in every individual, imparting confidence to take on the world.

Being herbal in nature with organic pigments escalates this exclusive range to offer countless benefits and kindness to your skin.

Lip Colour Palette
10 Shades Rs.1899
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Enjoy the shade mixing play with Rang Dé lip colours and surprise everyone by inventing a new unique shade every day! Makeup the goodness with our non-toxic lip colours!

Concealer Palette
(Light - Medium)
5 Shades + 1 Corrector
Concealer Palette
(Medium - Dark)
5 Shades
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Let your skin breath beneath your concealed look! Presenting Rang Dé Concealers with anti-clog and non-comedogenic features. Hence, those extravagant appearances won’t toll your skin for sure!

Kajal Pencil
1 Shade Rs. 499
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Eyes are called the mirror of your personality. Make a bold jet-black statement by adding a masterstroke to your eyes with Rang Dé Kajal (Kohl pencil). Rim your lower & upper lash lines and highlight eye brows with Rang Dé Black Kajal for a perfect make up look!

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Simple Makeup Tutorial With Rang De Cosmetics

The colourful, instinctive and intricate paintings featuring women across each Rang De' product are a depiction of thoughts, hopes and dreams of Indian tribal artisans. Rang De', a brand with a cause, not only helps reviving the Indian tribal art forms of Madhubani, Tikuli, Bhil and Warli but is also turning each Rang De' 'product purchase' into the most crucial of social causes, supporting the deprived tribal women.

In India, about 43% of Indian women suffer from 'period poverty' as they do not have access to sanitary essentials. In this new age of beauty, for every Rang De' product you buy, we donate one pack of sanitary napkins to the deprived tribal women in need.