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Vitamin Therapy

Vitamin Therapy Hair Nutriment

Rs. 360 | 100g
Vitamin A has antioxidant properties to prevent hair damage.

Vitamin D is a precursor to the hair growth cycle and it prevents hair loss.

Vitamin E stimulates hair growth, prevents premature hair greying, makes it lustrous & repairs split ends.

A unique herbal nutriment containing vitamin A, D & E that intensely nourishes hair with pure coconut oil & jaswand. It helps prevent premature hair greying, controls hair damage due to breakage & makes it strong & healthy.

An intense care for beautiful hair. Rich in nutrients, this exclusive hair nutriment contains Vitamin A, D & E with pure Coconut Oil & Jaswand to protect hair strands & nourish the scalp.
  • Intense hair nourishment
  • Helps prevent premature hair greying
  • Controls hair damage due to breakage
  • For strong, long & healthy hair
Usage: Take a requisite quantity onto your palm & rub it until it turns into liquid. Apply on your scalp, hair and massage gently. Rinse after an hour. For best results apply and leave overnight. Suitable for all types of hair.

Recommended: Use Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Nourishing Shampoo for hair volume & damage control.
Hair Nutriment
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