Pankaj Kumar Singh,
Kisangunj, Bihar.
Type of crop : Tea
Total Tea Farming : 25 acres
Pankaj Kumar Singh in his tea plantations had resorted to fertilisers to increase the yield of the leaves due to which they have to use high amount of insecticides. Due to this practice, their cultivation expense was increased and compared to the investment the yield of the leaves was not enough. The quality of the tea leaves became a big problem and the selling price in the market for the leaves was not meeting as per their expectations.
He came to know about Netsurf products and started using them on his tea plantations. One day after harvesting, he used Biofit Wrap Up and Biofit Bio 99. Also, after 6 to 7 days of leaf bloomed, he used Biofit Stim Rich and Biofit Bio-99. When the leaves are 2 inches to 3 inches in size, once again used the Biofit N.P.K. and Biofit S.H.E.T.

Before the use of Biofit products Urea was widely used, but the use of urea was greatly reduced after the use Biofit. Due this the new leaf shoots have increased a lot. As the leaves are green and healthy, the quality and nutrients of the leaves has improved. He received a better price of the yield than the market price.
Comparison between the production of tea leaves of the previous yield and Biofit yield-
Previous Tea Production:
  • Production cost per acre: Rs. 15 to 16 Thousand
  • Average Production: 21 to 23 Quintal
  • Market Price: Rs. 12 to 14 per kg.
  • Net Profit per acre: Rs. 26 to 32 Thousand
Biofit Tea Production:
  • Production cost per acre: Rs. 10 to 12 Thousand
  • Average Production: 28 to 30 Quintal
  • Market Price: Rs. 14 to 16 per kg.
  • Net Profit per acre: Rs. 36 to 44 Thousand
Crop and soil damage caused by chemical fertilizers has also reduced. Pankaj Kumar is very satisfied with the use of these products and now he is advising other tea garden farmers to use Biofit products.